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About our company

Started Back in 2017 at KLE Technological University, Vidyanagar Hubli by single Founder Dr Jeethendra Kumar. STEK INNOVATIONS PVT LTD got registered in the year 2018, Feb 5. Currently Working in domains likes Website Design, Development, marketplace handling and Digital Marketing with more than 200 clients. In house team of Developers, Designers, and Marketing experts help us in executing any project smoothly and in turn clients need not look out for other service providers in terms of IT related stuff. We associate with our clients in three different domains

Digital Marketing Consultant

Help them establish themselves through Digital Means

Ecommerce Consultant

Help them go live in 40+ Marketplace in 80 countries

IT Consultant

Help them in every aspects related to IT industry

Our Vision

We would like to associate with each and every domain of Business be it Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail or Hotel, Restaurants, University and provide the necessary IT support for our clients. As we believe, IT related work has to be delivered consistently and no stone should be unturned to make it a success. As the trend or market demands, we want our business partners too, to be future ready in terms of technology.

Happy to announce our associations is already on the pipeline and have onboarded more than 50 such business partners (Clients) with whom our team will be closely working with.

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Message From CEO

Opportunities are everywhere and so is competition but no one can excel without facing those two. Consistence always pays off. We all together can definitely make anything happen. I am so happy to be working as a team with such renowned firms, agencies. Feel free to reach out to me, for any queries.

Dr Jeethendra Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Kavita S

Accounts Manager

Shruti W

Software Analyst

Priya K

Operations & HR Manager

Tejaswini P

Sales & Training Executive

Rachana D

Business Development Manager

Savita P

Business Development Manager